For All Mankind
My name is Ellea . Please submit whatever you would like. I am here if you need to vent so please message me c: I am 18 and a lesbian just so you know <3 get to know me haha
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Reblog if you want a cute message right now, no matter if it’s anon or not.




Do it 👏

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cuddles that get sexual then get sweet again

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Anonymous asked: What are you dying from?



Would you care if I didn’t wake up?

soullesxxtemptation asked: I'll be your friend, you can talk to me about whatever's going on in your head.


You dont want to know whats going on up there

likeyouwunnabeloved asked: Hey, I hope you're doing okay.


No not really but im alive i guess

Im an emotional fucking wreck right now. I have no friends. I need someone to talk to. I want to cut so bad.

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